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You Senior DBA life start here.

tl;dr Press your DBA turbo button, watch all of these Office Hours with Brent Ozar Unlimited®, all of them, starting at 1, and join the meetups.

There are always some basic things on SQL server that come up, kind of like “hot topics”. These are super important as 85% of your SQL work will relate to these topics. 

You need to become familiar with them and understand what they mean if you want to progress as a DBA.

So let's jump in on the things that will make you a better DBA.

  1. It’s okay to make mistakes, you are not a DBA if you don’t know how to fix what you break.
  2. You will get bored with all of the learning bits, deal with it now, we all get bored with consuming content.
  3. You will get frustrated and distracted with issues, deal with it, we all do.
  4. Before doing anything read current Microsoft Best Practice guidance, or just follow Microsoft how-to guides.

i.    You don’t have to follow these steps now, this is just an example for configuring Always On Availability Groups


iii.    Oh wait, I need some prereqs:

iv.    Oops, need a cluster,

v.    Now work your way back up and follow the steps, BOOM, new Always On Availability Group in line with Microsoft best practice for implementation, easy right.

vi.    Don’t think when you don’t have to, and don’t make up your own best practice, follow Microsoft. That is what I do.

"But this is not technical? You are not showing me how to become a DBA!"

Becoming a DBA, and a good DBA, is about setting up frameworks for yourself. If you have a good framework for troubleshooting and triage you can get a lot of things done without being an expert in those items. You don't need to know how the optimizer works, but you need to know how to look for symptoms of it not behaving as expected.

Observation, situation awareness and tooling will allow you to build a mental framework for looking at issues. That is the difference between a DBA and a Senior DBA. 

First learn, then ask questions. There is a whole community waiting to help you out. Show some initiative and ask questions and you will get all the help you could ever want.

To start on this journey you need to know what language to speak when you get there, so learn how to talk about SQL. 

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