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You DBA life start here.

Becoming a DBA, and a good DBA, is about setting up frameworks for yourself. If you have a good framework for troubleshooting and triage. 

There is a whole community waiting to help you out. Show some initiative and ask questions and you will get all the help you could ever want.

To start on this journey come join us and learn how to talk about SQL. 


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SQL User Group direction discussion and intro session

  • In-Person @ (map)
  • 17:00 - 18:00 New Zealand Daylight Time
  • Language: English

This will be an introductory meeting, call it a dry run.
We need to know what you, the SQL community, want to get out of these sessions.
To this end we will have a 30 minute talk about where we are going with this user group, followed by a 30 minute session.

We can pick one of following topics:
1. A wild SQL server appears. How to diagnose a random SQL server.
2. How to fake an index. Jury rigging performance tuning when you cannot modify schema.
3. Why did SQL server eat my disk space?

This will be a Skype meeting as well, for anyone who wants to join in remotely.

- Adrian

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A wild SQL server appears. How to diagnose a random SQL server.

Adrian Sullivan, SQL Lead Lexel Systems Limited

What steps do you take when doing diagnostics on a SQL server.

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